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Machir Bay

After several days of not moving the motorhome - either just staying local or using the bus to get around - we finally decided to do some more exploring. Several people had mentioned to us that we really had to visit the beach at Machir Bay so despite the weather being a bit iffy we decided to take the short drive there from Port Charlotte, passing the small distillery at Kilchoman on the way.

The beach turned out to be lovely - long, wide and clean and with (barring a couple of other dog walkers) pretty much empty. The sea was a bit rough so Ludo sensibly decided to restrict himself to the occasional paddle in the sea and a bit more swimming in the occasional rock pools.

We wandered our way down to the south end of the beach, playing fetch with Ludo's ball on the way, to where there are some interesting rock formations. Ludo very much enjoyed exploring there, especially as there were several more deep rock pools for him to play in.

We'd timed our visit well because it started to batter down with heavy rain as we headed back to the shelter of the motorhome. Once dried off we headed back to Port Charlotte for a bit of a lazy end to the day.

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