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Sarlat and the Dordogne

204 miles, 25.6 mpg

From Lourdes there was only really one place we were going to go next and that was to what's probably Fiona's favourite town in France - Sarlat. We've been here several times before and really liked it, so were looking forward to visiting again.

Previously we'd uses sites further out of the town however this late in the year they were closed so we decided to give the Huttopia site a try, and that proved to be a good choice - with an easy walk into town (although a fairly steep walk back). We decided to stay for 4 nights as we were also going to do some local exploring with the motorbike.

The church in Sarlat is also lovely and well worth a visit - I took a few pics of the light coming through the windows which I liked.

In Sarlat we had a couple of days of just enjoying the town, with the weather still being pretty warm. This meant leisurely lunches in the town square, watching the world go by, as well as slow wanderings around the town itself and visiting the shops. One of those shops is a favourite of Fiona's and always gets a visit and a few purchases:

We also had a day taking the motorbike out to along the Dordogne to visit Les Jardins de Marqueyssac, which are lovely gardens along the top of a rock ridge overlooking the river.

After that we stopped for an ice cream beside the Dordogne before heading back.

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