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Kelpies Overnight

Our van was damaged in a fire at the storage site we use, however with the drivers window replaced and a broken indicator fixed our beloved Autoroller 600G motorhome appeared to be ok to use again, and we'd had confirmation from the insurance company that they were ok with us using it while we waited for parts to arrive for repairs to be competed.

For it's first post-fire trip we didn't want to go to far in-case of issues so decided to overnight at the Kelpies near Falkirk. Motorhomes are permitted to overnight in the lower car-park there - at the time free, but now for a small charge.

After parking up beside a couple of other motorhomes we wandered down to visit the sculptures themselves, which are very impress and dramatic - especially at night where they're lit up in a varying range of colours.

I'd brought my big camera (a Pentax K1 full-frame DSLR) and a tripod so wanted to get some night pictures of the huge sculptures, ideally when there was still some hint of colour in the sky as I much prefer night shots when that's the case.

We then wandered back along the canal to the motorhome and had a quiet night (although you can hear vehicles on the nearby motorway a bit) without any noticeable issues arising from the fire. So looks like we're good to go for trips further afield!

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