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Fiamma Cargo Strap System

Pretty much the final step in organising the motorhome's garage was to figure out a way of using the space against the back wall. Our chairs fit in really well there, so I just needed to get something to hold them in place. Turns out Fiamma have just the thing with their Cargo Strap system. Each set consists of a couple of plastic runners that are fixed to the wall, with moveable (and removeable) plastic fixings that hold rubber straps which can have their length adjusted to hold stuff in place. I purchase two of the systems in order to make 3 areas where stuff could be held, and purchase one of the option accessory kits to give me a couple of extra straps. Fitting is easy (just using a lot of self-tapping screws) and does the job. Maybe a bit pricey for what it is (about £30 a set) but while it wouldn't be that difficult to bodge and equivalent for a few quid the Fiamma system is an easy option and seems to work well.

I've also ordered a solar panel set-up (2 x 80W with a 20A MPPT controller) so looking forward to getting that fitted when it arrives. In preparation Fiona has been crawling about on the rough cleaning off all the crap - she's a lot lighter than me so seemed safer for her to do it!

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