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No real progress on preparing the motorhome yet although it is booked in for an MOT on Thursday, which I'm hoping it should pass.

In the meantime I've been spending some time sorting out my neglected fleet of motorbikes - many of which haven't been started in a long, long time. There are 5 at the moment and the plan is to keep maybe 2 or 3 of them and get rid of the rest. At the moment I'm not sure if I'll MOT the ones I'm planning to sell or if I'll sell them as projects - still thinking about that.

2009 Honda CBF1000GT: This is booked in for an MOT on Thursday as well (going to be a busy day!) and despite not turning a wheel in a year or so I think it should pass ok.

1987 Honda XBR500: I managed to get it started eventually after charging the battery and then relying on the kick-start. It seems to be running fine although is going to need some tidying for the MOT. This is definitely a keeper though.

1999 Aprilia RS50: This was bought for my son when he was 16 but barring being ridden to work by me a couple of times was never actually used. My trusty charger managed to revitalise the battery and by switching the fuel and cleaning the carb it starts and runs ok. It's very scruffy but doesn't look like it should need an awful lot of the MOT (rear brake definitely - not sure what else) but haven't decided whether I'll sell it "as-seen" or fix it up and MOT it before sale.

2000 (I think!) Gas Gas Pampera: I've owned this from new and did a few races (Enduro's and trail bike rallies) on it as well as a fair bit of trail riding and the occasional visit to motocross tracks. It's been unused for a very, very long time (since 2004 going by the tax disc that was on it) but runs quite well once I'd cleaned the carb out. It needs a fair bit of work for its MOT though, including some welding and some electrical bits. The main issue (and the reason I didn't MOT it years back) is some wear to the swing arm where I'd run a trials tyre and it had rubbed. I'm going to strip it off and see if I can get it welded.

So 4 of the 5 bikes are at least running, with just the final one needing work to get it to run:

2001 Honda CBR600F: I've also owned this from new however it's not turned a wheel in a very long time. It's got an electrical issue of some kind as even with the battery charged nothing lights up, I'm going to leave this one until I've made some progress with the other bikes.

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