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Tilbury Fort

We're still killing some time before heading back to Scotland so another place on our "to-do" list was to visit Tilbury Fort on the banks of the Thames in Essex. It's a really interesting shape and reminded us of another fort we've visited previously, Fort George near Inverness. Tilbury was originally built in the 1500's then rebuilt in Napoleonic times as a major defence for London. It's well worth a visit especially when it's nice and quiet as it was today.

There are lots of artillery pieces from different historical periods and you can also visit the tunnels under the battery's where the shells and cartridges were stored. There is also an interesting display in the buildings where gunpowder used to be stored.

After we returned home we did at least have a little step towards our motorhome trip as Amazon have delivered the 12v hair-dryer and straighteners that will be coming with us to help keep Fiona's locks under control!

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