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Preparing to Prepare

Well we've decided we want to take a trip and, after looking at some new motorhomes, have decided to stick with our existing 2010 Rollerteam 600G.

It's going to need some upgrades for a trip of at least 3 months though, especially as the plan is to use Aire's etc. for most of the time. Initial thoughts are:

- Solar panels on the roof

- A 2nd leisure battery, which I'm hoping will fit under the passenger seat with the existing battery

- Switching one of the gas bottles to a refillable Gaslow LPG one

- Replacing the mattress (which is too soft) with a much better one

- Getting a small motorbike to fit in the garage with the strong front runner being a Honda MSX125 (known as a Grom)

It also needs MOT'd and serviced.

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