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Returning North

When driving from London to Edinburgh we've long since figured out that the best option is to leave in the early hours of the morning, to avoid the London traffic. So after filling the car with the legacy of Fiona's old working life as a teacher, plus a pile of garden plants that she th0ught might not otherwise survive, we left our London place at 5am. Sadly this backfired because the M11 was closed due to a l0rry fire, with no diversions signposted. Thankfully the navigation system in the car uses Google Maps via Android Auto which was aware of the closure so navigated us around it. In fact we ended up travelling through some lovely villages to the south of Cambridge - certainly an areas I'd consider visiting in future.

No other issues though, so a fairly relaxed drive back to our Edinburgh house. Tomorrow we'll start sorting out the actions relating to the motorhome, and it'll be great to finally get started on the prep for our trip!

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