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Onto Islay!

We awoke to a lovely morning, with a stunning view over the Crinan Canal from our bed. Our ferry wasn't until 1pm and as we were only about 20 miles away from the terminal we had loads of time to kill. First I headed out to take some sunrise pictures:

We then headed out with Ludo, taking down down the canal for bit then heading up a nature trail we'd seen heading off from the canal towpath. This initially headed around a little loch before heading uphill, and we spotted a very well preserved sheets skull at the side of the trail. Back when Fiona was still teaching we'd have bagged that up and it'd have been taken back to end up in her classroom, but after a good look and some interest from Ludo we left it at the side of the train and headed on.

Ludo had got a bit muddy on the way so we encouraged him to take a morning dip on the way back (not that he needed much encouragement!).

We then wandered down to catch the ferry.

Ludo was good on the ferry although not a big fan of the steep stairs leading up to the deck with the dog area.

On arriving in Port Askaig the weather had taken a turn for for the wetter, however we soon arrived at Port Charlotte. Unusually for us we're booked for 6 nights in the little campsite attached to the Port Mhor centre just outside Port Charlotte. We tend not to stay in one place for that long often (the last time was in Santa Pola in Spain last year) but it looks a good option, with good facilities including EHU.

After pitching up we braved the rain to take the sort walk into Port Charlotte itself. Last time we were here must have been the best part of 20 years ago, on the motorbike, so it was nice to visit again. Last time we were here we ate and drank at the Port Charlotte Hotel although sadly it's not dog friendly so wasn't an option this time. Fortunately the other pub in the village, the Lochindaal Hotel is - in the bar. So we plotted up there for a bit, including me sampling on the many local whiskies - a Bruichladdich this time. Not one I'm familiar with, but very nice. Not as peaty as some but still good.

On the way back to the campsite we found that the cafe at the Port Mhor campsite isn't dog friendly but does takeaway - so two curries of the day were procured for dinner!

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