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Crinan Canal Stopover

125 miles, 25.4mpg

We're booked onto the CalMac ferry to Islay tomorrow so decided to take out time wandering up from Edinburgh and wild camping the night before the ferry.

When we were in Lochgilphead a few weeks back we had a nice walk along the Crinan Canal and say a really nice spot where a few motorhomes were wild camping so decided to go there ourselves this time. It's a lovely spot beside some of the loch gates and we were lucky in being able to get parked at one end of the car park giving us great views.

Ludo likes the canal, having spent a lot of time swimming in it the previous times were were in the area - and this time was no different.

We passed some people (from another motorhome overnighting in the same car park) who also had a labrador (a black one). They'd thrown a ball about 30 or 40 yards into the water and their lab didn't fancy swimming that far to get it back. After telling them Ludo didn't really do retrieved stuff he fooled all of us by swimming in and bringing the ball back in return for a bit of cheese! So he can retrieve after all - he just doesn't always want to!

We had a really nice evening walk along the canal, with lots of dips in the water for Ludo, before settling down for a quiet night.

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