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Motorhome visit to Jedburgh

With the motorhome recently returned after its fire damage repairs were completed we wanted to get away to check it was all ok - watertight especially - and check it out.

As we'd only be away for the weekend we didn't want to go to far, plus now we've got Ludo the Lab with us we have slightly difference preference for sites these days. As we can carry a small motorbike with us in the motorhome garage then previously we were fine with sites in the middle of no-where, however with the dog we have a preference for locations that's walking distance to facilities (pub, shops and takeaways etc.) as well as having great places to walk the dogs nearby. After a bit of thought we decided on the Camping and Caravanning Club site at Jedburgh, as it'd ticked all those boxes.

As it'd been months since we'd been in the motorhome it took a little bit of time for Ludo to settle on the drive, but he was soon ok - resting in his preferred spot between the front seats (and restrained by a lead we run back to one of the rear seatbelt posts). It's not a long drive from Edinburgh to Jedburgh and we soon arrived at the small but well located site.

From the site there is a nice level walk into the town along the river, where we saw a couple of very large crane's (the bird - not the machinery!) on several occasions. There are also walks along the river away from town, linking up to a large network of paths and trails near Jedburgh including the old Roman route of Dere Street.

We had a good look around Jedburgh where there is lots to see, including an excellent (and free) museum at Jedburgh Castle Jail:

Ludo certainly enjoyed his wander around the grounds!

There is also Jedburgh Abbey which is also pretty scenic:

From the site there is a little footbridge that crosses over to the Jedburgh rugby ground, where you can then follow the river to another footbridge that takes you across to a quiet back road that then leads to the A698 where you can hook up with several other paths, including one that continues along the river.

You're spoiled for choice in fact as Jedburgh has an extensive network of waymarked trails covering a wide variety of terrain and distances. Pretty much ideal when you've got an active dog like Ludo with you, as he loves his walkies.

Overall a very useful little visit. No issues with the motorhome at all, as it seems back to its best since its fire damage repairs and having the steering issue resolved. Jedburgh looks like a good weekend site for us as well, so I'm expecting us to be back from time to time.

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