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Back from the Fire

In January this year our motorhome received a fair bit of cosmetic damage due to a fire at the storage site we use. It was looking a bit sorry for itself but thankfully the problems were all cosmetic - melted trip and slightly warped (but still watertight windows) etc. - in fact while waiting for the parts to arrive we were still able to use it.

It took until June for all the parts to arrive, then it was with the dealer for quite a while getting the work done - but it's finally back and looking like new! So hopefully we'll be back off on our travels again soon as we're really missed it while it was off getting fixed.

The van wasn't quite road ready yet however, as it needed MOT'd and also a steering judder looked into. Thankfully this just turned out to be a leaky pipe, as we had been concerned it'd be another power steering pump (we had one of those fail on a trip to France a few years back) so it was soon repaired, serviced and ready to go!

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