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Leiler, Luxembourg

249 miles, 24.1 mpg

Continuing north we decided to head to Luxembourg - to the bit of it very close to the borders with Belgium and Germany. We found a small campsite that was still open - it was pretty decent and in the summer would have had a lot more facilities open, however this late in the season there weren't enough people to justify having the bar etc. open. The facilities were pretty good though, and it was almost walking distance to the German border.

We did a bit of shopping (Luxembourg being cheap, including for fuel) and also took the motorbike for a little spin to visit 3 countries (Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium) in one short ride.

The picture at the top of the page is at a monument for two Lancaster crews that crashed nearby during WWII. It's right on the border so while Fiona and the bike are both in Luxembourg, I'm actually taking the photo from Belgium!

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