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105 miles, 23.7 mpg

Monet is a favourite artist of both Fiona and I so one of the places we'd wanted to visit on this trip was his house at Giverny. As it turns out motorhomes are allowed to overnight in the car-park there were skirted Paris (never fun) and headed up there in time to purchase tickets for the new day. We'd read online that bus trips often arrive quite early in the morning so getting in before it was gets busy was a good idea if you wanted decent photo's, and getting the tickets the night before made it easy.

The gardens are really lovely and you can see where his inspiration came from, however they are also pretty small and you can see that they can get very busy. We were fine for the the first 30 minutes or so but several bus trips arrived after that and it became a lot harder to take pics without a lot of people in them!

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