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324 miles, 21.3 mpg

With time fast running out on our trip there was a need to continue to head north so we decided to put a good few miles in and head to an Aire we know and like at the medieval town of Provins, to the east of Paris.

Provins is normally a paid Aire, with someone from the local tourist office coming round in the morning to take the payment (which is 8EUR I think). What I always find amusing is that there are often quite a few vans in the Aire overnight but pretty much all of them will have gone before the people come round to get the payment. It's great location though, well worth the money, as it's right beside the gates of the old walled town. There are some interesting shops, a pretty church and an old castle as well as the usual bars etc. Well worth a visit.

On an earlier trip we'd notice there was a UK war grave in the cemetery outside the town wall - in amongst a few French war graves. The British grave is for a Argyll and Sutherland Highlander called William O'Connor who was from Slateford so almost a local boy for us. We paid our respects and left a candle at his grave.

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