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Gibraltar 2

After our visit to Gibraltar we spent the next day catching up on domestic stuff including doing some shopping in La Linea as well as making use of the laundry facilities at the campsite. We also had a walk along the very extensive beach that leads from the campsite towards Gibraltar. We'd also decided that it'd be good to head back into Gib on the Sunday as Fiona fancied the idea of finding somewhere that did a Sunday roast lunch.

This time we decided to get the cable-car up to the top of the rock and walk down - an option that was far more acceptable to Fiona!

The tickets for the cable-car and to access the park bit of the rock are quite expensive but worth it as they give you access to a range of things, including some of the caves and tunnels in the rock. We also saved a bit as Fiona was able to get the cable-car ride for free due to having military id.

At the top it was interested seeing the clouds caused by the wind blowing over the top of the rock close up, and Fiona also bought some stuff to take home from the shop up there. There was loads of stuff to see on the way down, including a cave system that's been turned into a music venue:

Another was a glass floored walkway which was a little unnerving as one of the big planes of glass was cracked:

We also had many close encounters with the Barbary apes - including one that took a fancy to Fiona's rucksack and tried to make off with it:

There were also a couple of places where you can visit the many caves and tunnels in the rock, including this spot which looks out over the airport to Spain:

After we descended back into Gibraltar itself we found a decent pub for lunch then said goodbye to this little slice of Britishness and head back into Spain and our campsite.

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