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We left the campsite near Porto not really sure where we'd head that night. We'd had some recommendations about nice places south of Porto but decided to head straight to Lisbon. We started off deciding to stick to our plan of keeping off the toll roads but the very slow roads soon put us off that idea, and once we were onto the toll road it seemed sensible to just keep going.

We headed to the large Lisboa Camping site which, despite some mixed reviews online, was actually quite nice. As it was outside the school season when we were there it was pretty quiet, so maybe it's a bit noisier in school time. It has what seemed like a decent cafe (although we didn't use it) and a little shop as well as a very good pool complex.

The pool was pretty much empty when we arrived but a bit busier at the weekends as it looks like it was getting used by local folks as well as the people on the campsite.

The campsite has a bus stop right outside to take you into Lisbon although we decided to take a bus to the Alges area instead, then walk along the Tagus river from there into the city centre as it looked like there was lots of interesting stuff to see along the way. That included the very picturesque (and popular) Torre de Belem castle.

Lisbon also has a bridge very reminiscent of the Golden Gate and we spent much over our time walking towards that then eventually underneath it.

Lisbon is a really interesting city, with lots of lovely fountains and squares to linger and take in the sights.

We decided to lunch at the TimeOut building which is a fantastic indoor food market that we'd seen on various TV programmes. It was just as good as we'd hoped, with the biggest challenge being deciding what to eat amongst a vast array of options!

We ended up going for a duck rice dish which was very good.

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