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Sainte Emilion, Dordogne

Today was always going to be another scorcher with blue skies and 31C temperature - a far cry from the UK which was suffering under storm Ali. We'd decided to use the little motorbike again today, this time to visit the famous wine making town of Sainte Emilion which was only 10 miles away from the campsite. Several people had mentioned it as a favourite place in the Dordogne but despite having visited the region several times this would be the first time we'd been there.

The drive along quiet roads was pleasant and crossed the river Dordogne on the way. Sainte Emilion itself is visible from a distance away as it's on a little hill, a contrast to the surrounding areas which are mostly flat. The town itself is absolutely stunning with beautiful sandstone buildings and a small keep and large church at the very top of the hill. There are lots of shops selling wine (of course!) as well as foodstuffs and art from the area.

There are also lots of lovely bars and restaurants as well as a multitude of winding streets and viewpoints across the town and the surrounding vineyards.

After a good look round and the purchase of some postcards we headed back for a late lunch and a lazy afternoon at the campsite and pool before heading further south tomorrow. A final task for the day was for me to sample one of the local Rauzan red wines to make sure it was up to scratch before we visit the wine cave on our way out tomorrow for some bulk purchasing. Quality control is important...!

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