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Lazing around Rauzan, Dordogne

We'd decided to mostly just chill out locally today but I got the motorbike out so we could a faster start tomorrow. Once again the battery was flat, which is odd on a brand new bike after just a week or so of non-use. Anyway I charged it up again and did a few exploratory miles locally to check it out. This included some lovely back roads through the local vineyards, with many of the vines carrying heavy amounts of red grapes and looking like they'd needed picked soon.

After heading back to the campsite to pickup Fiona we did a bit more exploring including locating the info on a cave under the local town that can be visited, but only with 24 hours of notice so we gave it a miss. We did find a very interesting local abbey (L'Abbaye Bastide de Blasimon) that was part ruined but partially still in use, and it was really nice inside.

On the way back to the campsite we visited the local Rauzan wine cave which sells a lot of locally produced wines of all types - red, white, rose and sparkling. Most popular with the locals though was the "fill your own container" option where you could buy the local red wine for 2EUR a litre. No idea what it tastes like but possibly pretty decent considering how many of the locals where buying it. I decided to get a bottle of one of the local reds and one of their sparking wins (both of which had won awards) with a view to trying them before picking up a case or two one the way out when we'd have the motorhome with us.

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