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Lincoln and Newark

Miles driven: 40 (on the MSX 125, none with the motorhome)

MPG: 100.6

Overnight: Skybarn Farm, near Lincoln - Caravan and Motorhome Club Certified Location (CL)

After a night of sporadic rain it was nice to wake up to a decent day as we'd planned some sightseeing in Lincoln. While Fiona showered I dug our little Honda MSX125 motorbike out of the back of the motorhome only to find it had a flat battery so wouldn't start. Not sure why but it was easy enough to jump if using our spare leisure battery (I knew those jump leads I packed would come in useful) and then give it a bit of a run to get some charge into it. We then headed along the A46 into Lincoln with the little MSX managing to hold 60mph on the dual carriegeway - I suspect a tailwind!

The old town in Lincoln is lovely but has a bit of an odd one-way system around the castle and cathedral and seemed unusually busy for a weekday. We ended up parking at the excellent Museum of Lincolnshire Life which has an interesting mix of stuff including a lot of stuff relating to the area including the history of the Lincolnshire Regiment (the museum building was previously their barracks). Star exhibits included a WW1 tank called Daphne and a small transport area with sold motorbikes, cars and trains etc. From there it was a short walk to Lincoln Castle where we realised the reason for the place being so busy - it was graduation day for Lincoln University with the celebrations using both the Cathedral and the Castle. A lovely day for it, and a lovely location.

We decided to skip the castle but had a good look round the stunning cathedral - one of the finest I've seen anywhere. We even timed it right for Fiona to attend a short communion service - the first she'd been to in a cathedral.

As it was only early afternoon we decided to drive to Newark and visit the Air Museum there, something we'd originally planned for tomorrow morning. First stop after arriving was a visit to their recently built cafe for toasties and panini's, before taking a good look round the aircraft etc. The museum has a lot of interesting aircraft including lots of different versions of the Canberra - well worth a visit.

The MSX125 had now done a total of 96 miles from new and needed refuelled. It has a tiny tank and took only 4.25 litres which, if it had been full when we bought it, gives an average of just over 100mpg. That's actually on the low side for a MSX125 apparently, although we were riding it two up and pretty much with the throttle pinned everywhere. Will be interested to see what we get next time, now I know the tank was topped up all the way. 40 miles today on the little bike which is pretty much spot on for what I wanted, even if it does look a little odd with a massive top-box on (capable of taking two helmets).

All in all a nice day out in an area I've not spent any time in before but would definitely come back. The site we're in, Skybarn Farm, is very, very good so hopefully we'll visit again in the future.

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