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Almost ready!

Over the last month the main focus has been clearing our our London house and moving all our stuff to our Edinburgh place. That involved a lot of hiring of vans and driving up and down however it's done now and we're also just about on top of combining the contents of two houses into one! That was a big job and involved lots of trips to the dump and lots of handing in of stuff to local charities.

In the meantime work has progressed on the motorhome prep and it's now had it's solar panels, LPG gas system and upgraded battery fitted. As well as that it's been back to Ford for a service so hopefully - barring packing - should pretty much be good to go.

The chap fitting the Gaslow LPG system recommended we fitted the filler point in the door of the gas locker and that's turned out to look pretty neat:

We also decided to go with a single 11kg LPG tank and use the other slot for a 13kg propane bottle - as backup to the LPG. If that doesn't work out it'd be straightforward to fit another 11kg LPG bottle as all the hard work is done now:

I've not had much of a chance to play around with the solar stuff yet however it seems to be charging according to the display on the controller that now lives in one of the cupboards:

The controller even has a couple of USB charging points on it and I'm sure those will be useful. I need to spend a bit of time reading the manual so I know what it's telling me though - but it does show stuff like the battery voltage and the battery temperature and those are both useful to know.

We've got some packing and a bit more prep to do but hopefully should be hitting the road in a few days.

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