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MOT Day!

I'd arranged for one of my motorbikes to go in for its MOT first thing, but the day got a bit more complicated when it turned out that it was also the first day I could get our motorhome booked into the MOT dealer for its MOT. Still with the bike due in at 09:00 and the motorhome at 13:30 there was plenty of time in between. For convenience reasons I'd arranged to pick up the little MSX125 (took a lot of persuading to get the Honda dealer to turn it around that quickly bit it probably helps I've bought a lot of bikes from them over the years!) so was able to ride that home. We also had a quick try of it 2-up and it was fine - it's brand new so I still being run in, however even then it was doing 50mph on the flat 2-up which is plenty for our needs. Fiona hasn't ridden it herself yet but is looking forward to that. She's already done some posing on it:

Next up was the motorhome MOT. It had been booked into the nearest Ford dealer to where it's stored but when I arrived it was obvious there was no way they could accomodate a motorhome (despite the lady I'd booked through having been informed that's what it was). The service guys in the dealer (People's in Livingston) were very helpful though and made a call to another garage locally who agreed to do the MOT ASAP. We arrived there and they rather nicely shuffled some stuff to get us in as soon as they could so we burned some time at the nearby garden centre, which has a nice cafe as well as a great deli. Unfortunately the motorhome failed but only on some suspension bushes so it's been left with the garage to sort that out.

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