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Visiting Constable Country

We need to stay in London until later this week as I've been a naughty boy and have a speed awareness course to attend. While we're here we're ticking off a couple of things on our to-do list and today it was a visit to the National Trust property of Flatford, to see where Constable painted the Hay Wain.

It's another lovely day so the top was down on the car, although the M25 & A12 weren't the nicest roads for that. Flatford is well worth a visit though and while the terrain has changed a bit you can still recognise where the Hay Wain was painted. We had a bit of a wander about then had a picnic beside the river, which was nice.

Fiona had spotted a sign for Tiptree on the way to Flatford so on the way back we stopped in at the factory there to stock up on Marmalade (Fiona goes through tons of the stuff and Tiptree is up there in her favourites). We also visited their little free museum and learned a bit more about the background of the place.

When we got back home Fiona decided that a nap was necessary - I suspect naps are going to feature a lot in our travels!

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