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Well today was the day when I returned my laptop, phone and other trappings of a corporate life and am now a free man! As that was done by 10:30am, and we were in central London anyway, Fiona and I decided to enjoy the lovely weather by strolling along the south bank from Blackfriars to Westminster, then walking up past Buckingham Palace to the Wellington Arch. We wanted to get some use out of our English Heritage cards so wandered up to the top of the arch to take in the view, including into the gardens at Buckingham Palace (where I'd been for a Royal garden party a couple of years back). We'd wanted to visit Wellingtons house as well, which is across the road, but it was shut on a Monday sadly. Instead we wandered through Hyde Park and along the serpentine, taking in the view of the massive art installation that's currently floating there. Very odd!

After that we stopped for a beer in a hotel near Lancaster gate before heading back to our London home on the tube. I'm told that our days of £8.38 for a bottle of Becks and a can of diet Coke are behind us now that we're both jobless! Anyway here is us celebrating our new found freedom!

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